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Broadway Pictures

Project Period
October - November 2021

UX Researcher & Designer


  • User study activities

  • Ideation

  • Sitemap

  • Paper wireframe

  • Lo-fi & Hi-fi prototype

  • Design system 

  • Accessibility considerations

  • Take-away

BP mockup thumbnail.jpg

Project Goal

This project aims to design the app to book movie tickets, including the priority seats for those who are farsighted to reserve the seats in the end row. 


Film Persona.png
Film Persona1.png
Film Persona2.png

User Journey

UJ BP (2).png

Pain Point

Priority Seats
Audio Instruction
Available Seats 

People who are farsighted or over 60 years old prefer to sit on the end row of seats to prevent dizziness.

People unfamiliar with online payment need audio instruction to guide what they need to do on each page of the payment process. 

People want to see the available seats before going through the booking process because popular movies are competitive to book their preferred seats.

How might we help people who are farsighted or over 60 years old reserve the seats at the end of the row?

Ideate - Crazy 8




Paper Wireframe

BP WF6.png
BP WF5.png
BP WF4.png
BP WF3.png
BP WF2.png
BP WF1.png

Digital Wireframe

Wireframe HP.jpg
Cinema page.jpg
WF 2.jpg
WF 3.jpg
WF 4.jpg
WF 4 – 1.jpg
WF 4 – 2.jpg
WF 4 – 4.jpg
WF 5.jpg
WF 6.jpg
WF 7.jpg

Digital Wireframe Flow

BP Wireframe flow.jpg

Hi-fi Prototype

Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 5.52.29 PM.png

Design System

BP Design System.jpg

Accessibility Considerations

Audio Instruction
Accessibility Cinema

Provided access to users who are elderly or visual impairment through audio instruction

Used icons to help make navigation easier

Provided the wheelchair and priority seats for accessible cinema



The responsive web makes users feel like Broadway Pictures thinks about how to meet their needs. 


One quote from peer feedback:

“The web made it so easy and accessible to book the cinema tickets even for the elderly! I would use this web as a go-to for the cinema ticket booking with my parents.”

What I learned

While designing the Broadway Pictures responsive web, I learned that the first ideas for the web are only the beginning of the process. Usability studies and peer feedback influenced each iteration of the web’s designs.

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