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Let It Up Let It Drop 

Project Period
June - August 2018

Design Fellow - Project Leader


  • Project management

  • Facilitating user study activities

  • Prototyping

  • Showcase & Final presentation

Project Goal

Committed to refining the way we dress, LIULID is athleisure wear that utilizes interactive technology for dressing efficiency while motivating physical activity for users of all abilities. 


Ada profile-01.jpg

Design Challenge

 Applying pants takes approximately 8 minutes for Ada and requires high energy expenditure, often causing fatigue and frequent breaks before the pants are appropriately donned. Ada’s current dressing process for trousers inspired the team to explore origami, the art of folding, and ultimately the LIULID pants.

Ada dressing process.png

How might we help Ada wear the pants with less effort and motivate her to enjoy the process of wearing the pants? 

Design Solution

The 3D printed fabric to be curved to the shape of a leg, optimal for the LIULID garment. After establishing a technical way to fold the material into a more manageable form, the team ideated a way for the user to collapse and expand the folds with minimal effort efficiently. Ada can use her fingers, hands, or wrists to pull the elastic loop, giving her more leverage to collapse the length of the LULID garment.

Ada design solution.png
3D printing on fabric for the pants
Athleisure style by LuLulemon
Pulley system

LIULID Features

LIULID Pants.png

LIULID Instruction

LIULID instruction.png


pants illustration.jpg

Final LIULID Look for Ada

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