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Sensory Wall: Joy, Peace, Grace and Life

Project Period
December 2017 - June 2018

Design Researcher - Project Leader


  • Project management

  • Facilitating user study activities

  • Prototyping & Production

  • User Experience Evaluation

Project Goal

Aiming to enrich the positive multi-sensory experience of people with dementia who need a sensory focused activity with the co-designed textile-based sensory tool.

The Growth in Numbers of People with Dementia

The prevalence rates of dementia in Hong Kong is estimated to be at 5%~8% among persons aged over 65, and at 20%~30% among those aged over 80.

Diagram dementia.png

Benefits of Stimulating Multi-senses

“Stimulation and activity suitable and appropriate for the individual with dementia will help keep the person active and included which also helps both to maintain function and cognition, and to manage and moderate mood and behaviour.”

- Jakob and Collier 2014

Mask Group copy 2.png
Stimulating tactility
Mask Group copy.png
Stimulating the sense of hearing
Mask Group.png
Stimulating the vision

Co-Design Research Methodology

Sensorywall methodlogy.jpg


  • Focus group with dementia

  • Family members

  • Informal Caregivers

  • Seven social workers

  • Occupational therapist

  • Electronic Engineer

  • Care director

  • Textile technologist

  • Textile weaver

  • Constructor

Interviews in Dementia Community

I conducted the group interviews and rapid ideation workshop with the social workers, occupational therapist and care director to understand the current status of the elderly community centre and their expectations to improve the service. I also had informal interviews with family members and informal caregivers in the dementia community. Throughout these activities, I was able to extract the stakeholder's map of the centre and personas.

Co-Design Interview.JPG
Sensory Wall stakeholders map.jpg



"We normally use the child toys to lead the cognitive training activity for the clients with dementia because of lack of time and skills to make activity tools professionally."

Age/ 29
Social Worker

“Ms Wong (Person with dementia) always ask me some questions, but I don’t know how to lead the conversation.”

avater 1.jpg
Age/ 34
Domestic Helper
Frame 26.png

“I wish I could take care of my mother (Person with Dementia), but I need to work to sustain my life and family.”

Age/ 47
An office worker   (Family member)

User Journey of Social workers to Provide the Dementia Activity Service

Throughout the interview with the social workers, I understand the user journey of providing dementia activity services at the elderly community centre. 

User journey.png


To understand their existing dementia activities at the centre, I attended their activity sessions. I observed how to communicate with people with dementia and how the dementia activity influence on dementia community, including a focus group with dementia, informal caregivers and family members.



I conducted the colour and material preference survey with focus groups with dementia to understand 

their preferred colour and materials. I designed the survey that people with dementia who have cognitive impairment a straightforward way of engaging.


How might we help more people with dementia to have the benefits of cognitive training activity as well as multi-sensory stimulation?

Design Concept

HY Portfolio Updated [Recovered]-07.jpg

Red is physiologically stimulating and can promote the brain activity of people with dementia.

Blue can effectively calm down people with dementia.

Yellow can draw the attention of people with dementia.

Green can effectively calm down people with dementia.


Lion Dance


Relaxing Sea


Wind Chime


Bird Singing

HY Portfolio Updated [Recovered]-11.jpg
Bold Motif
Colour Contrast
Relevant Associations
Interactive Textiles

User Scenario with Sensory Wall

The first function of the Sensory Wall embedded an infrared sensor into each wall panel to sense users by the wall panel, and it illuminated each time a user passes by. In the second interactive function, touching a specific part of the wall panel would trigger the touch sensor, and the board reacted with sound and illumination.

Interactive function2-01.jpg
interactive function1-01.jpg

Prototyping & Final Installation

Sensory Wall prototyping.jpg
Sensory Wall Thumbnail.jpg


HY Portfolio Updated [Recovered]-10.jpg
Sensory Wall with a model.jpg
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